Eliot’s List – Hip Hop’s Kool Tracks #9

Happy Chilled Sunday and the Hip Hop’s Kool Tracks #9 is out! This playlist brings together upcoming lyricists and producers and a couple already established young artists. One whole hour of fresh hip hop to discover or rediscover these talents and enjoy of course. Have a good listen !!

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Exclusive Podcast 018 – Meki & Kolen

Hey Felfelosophers, Today we are glad to re-introduce you to Meki & Kolen, two young producers from Lille (FR), who just joined a freshly born label called Enlace Records and also recently signed an EP called Metropolis Continue Reading →

Portrait – PillowTalk

PillowTalk is Sammy D, Ryan Williams and Michael Tello. Based out of the famous Lower Haight District in San Francisco, PillowTalk’s music fuses classic R&B, boogie and disco with underground house and techno with an original feel. With releases out on Visionquest, Life & Death and Wolf + Lamb, 2012 is shaping up to be a huge year as they hit the road with the live band. Continue Reading →

Portrait – Walter June

We’re glad to introduce Jules, a.k.a Walter June. Playlisted many times on our website or posted directly on our Facebook page we decided to take it to another level and wrote a little article so that you can get to know him better.

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Portrait – Sebastian Plano

SEBASTIAN PLANO is a classically-trained contemporary music composer/ multi-instrumentalist from Argentina, currently based in Berlin. Exploring his strong roots in folk music, Tango, and enchanted by the resonance of electronic music, he began to interpret his imagination into own sounds at the age of 12. Continue Reading →


Keinemusik is not the type of record label as you know it. When putting out a record, the guys will wrap it up personally, refine it with artistic splendour, stamp it and seal it with a kiss, before it ends up in the stores or on your turntable. Keinemusik is a DIY-operation. Not, because it makes that imposing impression or because they like to wallow in nostalgia, just because it feels right. Continue Reading →

Rafaele Castiglione – Nature Of The Universe

Following up his wonderfully melodic debut Amsel 001 release- Voyage Avec Yukazu, Rafaele Castiglione returns with the much-anticipated Nature of the Universe EP. Castiglione has worked alongside Amselcom for the last two years, and during this time has established himself as perhaps our most prominent artist. The hugely talented producer is brimming full with ideas, sourcing inspiration from the likes of Nu, Stimming or Frivolous, to name just a few. Continue Reading →

Exclusive Podcast 017 – AFFECT!

Felcome back to our friend Jacques Müller! We are please to announce that the Hamburg based Dj/Producer have accepted to cook our 17th Podcast under his personal project AFFECT!.

This project was born a few months ago when Jacques decided to create something more deep, melodic and even sometimes melancholic. Continue Reading →

Eliot’s List: Chilled Out Hip Hop Vibes #3

Good afternoon everyone, 3rd selection filled with jazzy chilled out Hip Hop vibes. Over 1 hour of dope music in there to consume with no moderation to further illuminate your day and summer. Hope You’ll Enjoy it !!

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Exclusive Podcast 016 – Velveljin – Unreleased Tracks 2010 / 2014

Let’s continue our podcast series today with Velveljin and their podcast made of exclusive tracks to be discovered here.

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♪ Abeat’list ♪ – Electronic Ballet #2

Welcome back to our classical dance moves « rendezvous ». Today we introduce you to one of the most popular ballet’s moves. The « Arabesque » is a body position in which a dancer stands on one leg with the other leg (the working leg) extended behind the body, with both legs held straight, leading into a turnout spiral. It’s now time to taking off the ground & Blow your mind into the Electronica meanders, thanks to this special compilation where the classical music meet again the electronic down tempo. Have a smooth trip!

Tracklist here

Release – « V.A. – Sujet Musique Summer Sampler »

Sujet Musique is DJ Linus´ new label! Expect Deep and Tech House Music from around the globe and especially from the Munich posse! Here is the last release « V.A. – Sujet Musique Summer Sampler » in listening just below. This pure Deep House compilation will bring you in a unique open air atmosphere with some inclusive tracks by Hott Lipps Inc., DJ Linus, Bara Bröst and Stefan Lange. Groovy and Fizzy!

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Exclusive Podcast 015 – Cookie Monster (Four Seasons For Nujabes)

Good day to all, today we are going to enjoy the 15th exclusive podcast made by our good friend Cookie Monster Galaxy. This Jazzy and soulful podcast has a special significance as it tributes Japanese Hip Hop legend Nujabes. We hope that you will love it !! Enjoy and feel free to share around of course !!

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Exclusive Podcast 014 – r.roo

Hey we’re a little late for the podcast of the week, but actually this one is perfect for a Monday. Effectively today we are pleased to introduce you to r.roo (also known as Sound Wave Pressure), an Ukrainian producer who has released a serious amount of work on labels such as Tympanik Audio and Abstrakt Reflections. For those who do not know Tympanik, we do invite you to check their universe deeply rooted in IDM and glitch.

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Eliot’s List: Hip Hop’s Kool Tracks #8

Good afternoon to all, Hip Hop’s Kool Tracks #8 is out today. As usual this selection is filled with new artists to discover and others to rediscover. Enjoy your day while listening to it !!

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