Roman Mühlschlegel – Cloudy Business

Karlsruhe (DE) based DJ, Producer & Philanthropist Roman Mühlschlegel, began his career in the house and indie-dance scene in 2008. He is a passionate record collector and renowned for his funky and eclectic performances. Cloudy Business EP released on sinnmusik features three dizzying, fresh house jams, all of which are cut from a vehement and discerning underground cloth.

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Exon Bacon – Watching Dogs

After two strong releases on Electronical Reeds, the Brussels-based artist Exon Bacon inaugurates Play Label Records with his latest EP, Watching Dogs. Play Label Records is the extension of the collective Play Label that has become a key player in the music scene of Brussels with more than hundreds of events to its credit. This first release sets up the artistic direction of this label that seeks to develop a real dancefloor approach and a strong party spirit.

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Eliot’s List: Fresh Hip Hop Remixes Of Classics #2

Good day to all dear felfelosophers. It’s time for you to enjoy the second selection of old classics remixed by upcoming producers. In this selection the illest old school MC’s are being revisited by new upcoming producers (with one exception). It’s pretty sick stuff so be prepared to get carried away. Hope you enjoy and cruise to it!

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Felfelosophy Exclusive Podcast 008 – Morfine

Friday again. Today let’s meet with another young french producer, Morfine. Currently living in Paris, she distinguished herself by producing deep house & electronica tracks, and participating to remix contests which resulted in very interesting compositions.

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Micro Cosme 24 – Necked RiffRaff

Ne passe pas ta tête par la porte, tu risques de te faire pincer très fort.
Beware of trapping your head in the doors.

Portrait – Willie The Kid

First of all, I want to take this opportunity to thank the Felfelosophy team in graciously welcoming me back. We got a whole lot of new Hip Hop to cover, so lets not waste any time and get some of those tunes banging for the week. I would like to start these series’ off by going over some MC’s that really came out and dominated the scene last year.

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Exclusive Podcast 007 : Davka

Hey, it’s friday again, and every friday we welcome a new artist through an exclusive podcast for Felfelosophy.
Let’s meet today with the young french DJ / Producer Davka.

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Felfelview – Paji

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Lights On – Nick Drake

Who is Nick drake? What has he done? Why wasn’t I aware of its music yet so mesmerizing? Those questions came to light since the day Jon Malkin made me listen to a few songs of its first album: Five leaves left. Continue Reading →

Exclusive Podcast 006 – Jan Hertz

Jan Hertz is back on Felfelosophy for the greatest delight of your ears! We have introduced you to this Berlin based artist through a little « Portrait » last year. Since this time, the man is keeping the groove and continue to expand his « schizophrenic » creativity skills. As lot of talented artist, Jan is constantly experimenting different way of creating without focusing on a proper musical style.

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Eliot’s List – Rap Francophone #2

Bonne journée à tous, aujourd’hui on va essayer de faire plaisir aux adèptes du bon rap francophone (Belge, Canadien et Français) avec une playlist pleine de sons vraiment cool. Cette playlist combine jeunes et moins jeunes rappeurs / producteurs pour découvrir les nouveaux talents mais redécouvrir aussi les artistes déjà confirmés. Il y a vraiment du bon rap intelligent et bien accompagné d’instrus très smooth. Bonne écoute à tous !!

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Interview : Plaster

Today we are pleased to interview Plaster, an Italian duo who released their works on labels such as Kvitnu and later on Lucy’s label : Stroboscopic Artefacts, for an experimental EP called MONAD XV. Now living thousands of kilometers from each other, they tell us more about the new life they have.

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Exclusive Podcast 005 – Laurent Delarive Gauche

Hi Folks! Sorry, we’re a little bit late this week but we did not forget our weekly rendez-vous! Today with our fifth exclusive podcast we introduce you to Laurent Delarive Gauche.

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Felfel’s List – Never Too Late

Hi there! It’s been quite a while my playlist was pending… I actually did not take or find the time to complete it! This one is a mix of awesome tracks listened over the past few months here and there. I hope you guys enjoy it fully and play it around on some great events! For those who where waiting for these smooth beats I please you to remember that it’s never too late! April will be decent with some great upcoming friday podcasts and on top of that some additional presents ! Get Ready…

Phoniks – « Autumn in New York: Jazz Remixes »

Phoniks is a hip-hop producer from Portland, Maine known for his vintage-90′s boom bap production style and melodic jazz and soul samples. The 23-year old producer released the critically acclaimed « Return to the Golden Era » album with emcee Awon on 7/30/2013 as well as a series of 4 « remixtapes » between 2011-2014. Continue Reading →

Exclusive Felfelosophy Podcast 004 – Andreas Henneberg

Andreas Henneberg…
This name sounds to you? It should be! Andreas had been one of the most creative and productive artist from the electronic music scene during the last few years. We are more than happy collaborate with him for our fourth weekly Podcast. It’s a pure dynamic cocktail of Tech House that you might enjoy to officially launch your Weekend!

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Clem’s list – Berlin on air

Dear music lovers, here is a delirious selection right from the some little underground clubs from Berlin. When you’ve got no more energy in your legs, when you’ve lost the sense of reality, when you’ve been listening sounds for too many hours and stamping on the ground, just seat down for a while, have a break and listen to these melodies.

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Kitsuné – ‘New Faces’

Introducing this season’s as-yet-undiscovered hot tickets, Kitsuné gets younger than ever on Kitsuné New Faces, it’s latest compilation out February 24. Kitsuné New Faces does exactly what it says 
on the tin by singling out the talents currently breaking through in music and giving them the platform they deserve.

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Portrait – Amerigo Gazaway

Good afternoon everyone, We are delighted to share with you an article on an amazing artist: Amerigo Gazaway !! This article will help you familiarise yourself with this great Nashville native talent. Truly astonishing music, so get ready to be blown away. Hope you enjoy.

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Exclusive Felfelosophy Podcast 003 – Yes’in

« House Music was born in the 80′s from Loops of all kinds of matter. Since then, it does not stop to go through transformations and technical evolution. But Jack is still here. and Jack still has the groove… Back to the Futur… » (Yes’in)

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Portrait – Marco Barotti

Marco Barotti is a modern performing artist in the widest meaning of the word. He studied at the ‘Siena Jazz’ academy of jazz. After a successful career as a drummer, he dedicated himself to a new dimension of sound applied to architecture, design and visual arts. Since 2010 he evolved toward a solo career, involving himself more and more with music production in a constant effort to embrace in his projects all the impulses he got from a number of journeys and collaborations. He expanded his musical realm, applying it to different fields such as architecture and performing arts. Continue Reading →