Interview – Soul Estate Records

Looking for a new home for your mind? Welcome to the Soul estate! Two guys from the southwest of Germany built up their own musical experimental ground.We’ve taken a step further by asking them few questions for you to get to know for what these guys stand for! Soul Estate debut is promising and has already been subject to great reviews. Today we have the privilege today to share with you their full debut EP. This is an exclusivity Felfelosophy.

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Exclusive podcast 026 – David Marston

Back in July 14, we introduced you to a talented young artist, David Marston, who released his debut EP, Jamaicalia, on Soul Clap Records. Having been assured that more music was in the pipeline, today we are extremely pleased and honoured to bring across this rich write off.  The 1989 grand cru boy  not only gave us the chance to interview him but further throwing here a massive exclusive podcast; the 26th in an excellent series of Felfelosophy mixes. His roots reach back to his city of birth, Chicago, then spread to the island of Jamaica, where he grew up fascinated with the new world of sound around him. Continue Reading →

Best of Electronica 2014

Better late than never as we said! 2014 is over and as every year we are proud to showcase our favourite tracks in a 2014 ultimate playlist. it’s been extremely tricky to compile and mix together all our « musical crushes » during such a rich and intense year!

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Exclusive podcast 025 – Prisme

Let’s meet up today with Nicolas and Yves, formal Belgian duo known as Prisme. We discovered these guys through their « Ballade » podcast collection. They have kindly accepted to record our 25th podcast (tracklist at the bottom of the article) and we have asked them a a few questions below to learn a bit more about the Prisme philosophy. I leave you know with this dark and emotional hour mix, good addition to the interesting chat we had with them.

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Micro Cosme 26 – Gnu Year’s Eve

Today we share with you our last playlist for 2014! All Felfelosophy members wish you a great day and a decent party tonight! Make that day joyful and rememberable! HAPPY NEW YEAR FOLKS.

CUT – Meïdhy Bichon

CUT is a musical and visual story written, directed and edited by Meïdhy Bichon. The short movie that has been accredited by the music Border Community is transcribing and communicating the various emotions while listening to « Sunny Long Piece » by the English composer Nathan Fake, member of the emotional electronic label. Continue Reading →

Exclusive podcast 024 – Mike Tohr

And here we are! Let’s meet tonight with someone in love with deep melodies. Jonas Van Bael, Aka Mike Tohr has recorded one hour of pure emotional music in honour to our 24th exclusive podcast. What you have to do is just clicking the button below and enjoy the deep meanders of the Mike’s universe.

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Felfel’ist – Holly Xmas

Heya! We are slowly heading to the end of the year, I’d love to share with you today a playlist which has made us dance the past month. That one is full of good Tropicana vibes reminding you the summer with a big sense of happiness! Meanwhile you are hopefully doing your shopping for Xmas, the Felfelosophy crew wishes you a « HOLLY XMAS » with the people you love! 2015 will be full of new things stay with us!

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Interview – DJ Hazey82

Good day to all of you, today we are happy to introduce you to one amazing artist that will definitely keep your ears busy for the next couple of weeks. We already featured some of his amazing work in previous playlists and thought it was time to get to know the man behind it. Enjoy the read while cruising to his jazzy and soulful tracks.


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Chinau – EP More Than a Feelin’

Nymphony Records is an electronic music label based in Grenoble, France. Students found it in order to help talented, young musicians to get some exposure within the music industry. Recently, the label just signed their 9th artist: Chinau. Chinau is a talented 20-year-old DJ/producer who managed to create his own sound, clearly influenced by early house music. Recently he released his first EP:  More Than a Feelin’. Continue Reading →

Portrait – Dave Echo

Hi folks! We are delighted to introduce you to Dave Echo through this little portrait. You probably know him from our side as we regularly pick up some tunes from his massive track library. Before immersing yourself in the Echo’s universe, please accept the gift below kindly offered by the man himself and exclusively made for this portrait.

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Review : Keinemusik – « Workparty Five » (KM025)

Keinemusik are always on the move lately, luckily for us they’ve been able to work on a special EP to promote their new tour dates « Five ». Programmed to be out on vinyl november the 17th, the four tracks that are composing the EP are already out on Soundcloud for the benefit of all.

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Felfel’s List – UK Garage Classics

UK Garage is a unique genre of electronic music originating from England in the early 1990s for those who might not be really familiar yet! Famous for its distinctive syncopated 4/4 percussive rhythm, UK Garage has largely contributed to the electronic music as a whole. This said, today, we’d like to share some of the greatest garage records you’ve never heard! This fast structured tracks will remain forever as they strongly contributed to House music. Enjoy.

Mes Chimères – Nina’s Husband

« Nina’s Husband » is a Mes Chimerès edit of the Nina Simone’s song « Be My Husband » taken from her album « Pastel Blues » released in 1965. This free edit precede the upcoming Mes Chimères’ EP which will be the first of The Right Feel label release. So, enjoy the track guys!

Felfel’s List – HallowBeats

Hi there! This playlist has been awaiting the perfect moment to be shared. I throw you here my latest beloved tracks. I guess we can define that one as quite groovy and funky ! Our team wishes you a decent Halloween night. Cruise the beats and make that night a blast! Stay tuned. 

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