Exclusive Podcast 033 – Dj Ismail (Nakatomi Plaza)

As we are officially throwing our second official event, the team Felfel is very proud to offer you today a little foretaste of what our Parisian friends will have the chance to enjoy this Friday 24th April on the famous Batofar terrace. Dj Ismail, member of the duo Nakatomi Plaza, just recorded for us a tonic cocktail of their favorite tracks and influences of the moment.

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Portrait – Illlumen

Diversity and creativity is or should be part of each musician’s creative perception. Illlumen has oriented his mind to adopt both of them and we are more than delighted to introduce you today to a very eclectic music producer. One good news is that we are not able to tell you in which music religion / word the guy belongs to and for this reason we have decided a few weeks ago to set up the contact and ask him some questions about him, his music and perception of it. Continue Reading →

Brame & Hamo – The Parish Rumors

The town of Sligo might not mean a whole lot to you, but after this release, you’ll know that it has brought forth 2 of the funkiest Irish guys you’ve ever seen. Brame & Hamo release on Heist comes after their chart topping release on their own label “Splendor & Squalor”, it’s is filled with jazzy chords, lovely loose percussion and well found soul samples. Continue Reading →

Exclusive Podcast 032 – Peter Clamat

Today we welcome Niels Hofheinz aka Peter Clamat, founder of the Big Bait Records label, which hosts artists such as Glenn Astro, Rick Wade or De:Pot to name a few. He accepted to grant us a very interesting interview, and podcast.

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Life on Planets – A Public Affair

The new soft-spoken, hard-rocking group from Baltimore Life on Planets debuted their full length live show at the Wolf + Lamb Marcy Hotel in March 2014. Following in the footsteps of greats like Nicolas Jaar and PillowTalk, they were the first invited guest in over 2 years to perform at the legendary Brooklyn proving grounds. Continue Reading →

Portable Sunsets – Bless

Brooklyn based Peter Segerstrom prepped a new album, entitled ‘Bless’. It’s his second full length as Portable Sunsets – first LP ‘Mercy’ came out in 2012 on Magical Properties, Deadelus’ label. Portable Sunsets is a man with a history. Continue Reading →

Exclusive podcast 031 – Walter June

Walter June is no one to be presented on Felfelosophy. From sharing his first track to making him play at our first party at Batofar (Paris) time has gone by. He’s now part of the Felfelosophy Family and we are glad to present you his first podcast. You’ll find inside a great selection full of warm housy vibes.

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Melon presents Raw Meat Edits

Berlin based Love R Men is still a mystery to us… The man behind the daddy Kshunn release on Melon’s Ratio?music imprint still wanders the streets of Germany’s capitol and managed to bump into Melon once again, giving him another tape before disappearing into the dark night looking for another fix. Continue Reading →

Monolink & Acid Pauli – The End EP

Both of them are experts at crafting deep, hypnotic dance music in the highly narrative style traditional song. Together they excel themselves. Monolink and Acid Pauli set free a guitar chord, let it oscillate around the powerful surge of an electronic bass line until it eventually fills the entire space and creates the acoustic background for a bitter-sweet vocal part. Continue Reading →

♪ Abeat’list ♪ – Electronic Ballet #4

It’s time to work again your dance move! Today we introduce you to one of the most common dance move: The Allegro. Meaning “joyful” an allegro is always executed in a very sharp and fast tempo while the dancer is airborne. Petit (little) allegro involves small, quick jumps and lightning fast footwork, while grande (big) allegro features the enormous leaps and jumps that have become the hallmark of ballet.

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Exclusive podcast 030 – Lucero En Vivo

Hello Folks.Today we are pleased to introduce you to Marco Lurci aka Lucero En Vivo. He accepted to do an interview and a podcast for us, deeply rooted in Acid House music. Fasten your seat belt, cause this is about to get mental!

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Polygrim – Debut EP Pivot

Polygrim is the glitchy, vibrant and emotive electronic project of Ukrainian musician Volodymyr Dzitsiuk. By mixing synthesized and live elements, Polygrim shares inspiring stories packed in fragile melodies, fractured rhythms and saturated atmospheres. Continue Reading →

Walter June – EP Double L

Jules Churin a.k.a Walter June grants us with a new EP. We’ve been following him since his debuts and we’re very happy to share with you his last production.  Continue Reading →