Eliot’s List – Chilled Out Hip Hop Vibes #4 – Felfelosophy

Hey peops, A Brand New Hip Hop Playlist, filled with great tracks. It’s kind of a summary of what i’ve been listening to during the last couple of weeks. I hope u’ll enjoy and cruise to them as much as i recently did. Much love !!

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Exclusive podcast 023 – Polychrome Sounds

Hey folks,

You probably remember the amazing musical blend that Spatzhabibi came up with, already almost a year ago. If not, you can then CLICK HERE and have a first look.

Well, time goes by. And Sophie & Pete, the names behind Spatzhabibi, are now very busy developing their vinyl-only label, Polychrome Sound. They prepared for us an exclusive mixtape recorded only on vinyls, which combines tracks from the Polychrome Sound artists tribe. Enjoy this little Polychrome sound overview, and read more below about the label, its people and its updates!

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♪ Abeat’list ♪ – Electronic Ballet #3

Photo cred – Jordan Matter

And here is the Lesson number #3 of our classical dance move series. The « Pointe » is one of the most famous technic use in classical ballet, in which the body is balanced on the extreme tip of the toe. Body & Mind are now in gravity, surounded by a cold and beautiful atmosphere. In this slow universe where everything become calm again, all those details that were important will then start to disappeared to let your soul escape alone in the darkness of these mind blurring melodies.

Tracklist here

TORA – Admire EP

TORA stand out. In a country that boasts an ever-growing and internationally-acclaimed electronic music scene the boys from Byron Bay have earnt their place as one of Australia’s most promising young acts. In October they return with ‘Admire’, the new single that also heralds the imminent release of their sophomore EP ‘Eat The Sun’, which features the titular single ‘Eat The Sun’ and ‘Never With Me ft. Merryn Jeann & Meals’. Continue Reading →

Exclusive Podcast 022 – Alex Preda

Hello guys. Today we meet with Alex Preda, a Romanian DJ & Producer, who released some sunny vibes on MNL Music.
Enjoy the podcast while learning about him through this detailed interview.

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Midnight Magic – Vicious Love

Midnigh Magic throw their EP Vicious Love  on the dance label Soul Clap Records. The new material’s darker edge puts the ‘midnight’ in Midnight Magic, exploring the darker realms of the group’s disco sensibilities. Coupled with remixes from Soul Clap, No Regular Play, and Dimitri from Paris, the release exhibits a musical versatility that spans from the DJ booth to the live stage. Continue Reading →

Exclusive Podcast 021 – Hip Hop Smoothie

Good afternoon to All, Today we share with you a Hip Hop podcasts I made for promotional purposes. I thought it’d be nice to change the format of music delivery for once. I really hope you’ll like it !! Have a nice listen and feel free to share your thoughts.

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♪ Abeat’list ♪ – Drag & Drop


And here we are! More than a month to compile this very special playlist that start from a first initial concept to finish as a real Hotchpotch. How can we end to such a bizarre mixture? Thanks god to the drag & drop process that your mind automatically apply when you are hearing this track that will blur your mind after some insane hours of listening.

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Exclusive Podcast 020 – Sinus O

Hey you, out there in the cold. Today we have the pleasure to introduce you to Sinus O through his dark and deep techno podcast. Shut the curtains and explore the shadows of your brain.

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Beni’s List #6 : Car Tracks

Notice guide : 

1) Download or buy the tracks (it’s way better to buy it).
2) Take a blank CD and rip those tracks on it.
3)Insert CD in your car
4) Here you go
5) Enjoy

PS : You can also listen to it at any moment you want to groove



A big counterproposal to fulfilment and completion is what this piece of music has turned out to be. On “Chimera” Munich musician Martin Brugger presents as Occupanther hymns for a new generation of slackers who no longer seek to justify their lethargy with the fine irony of a Beck Hansen. Continue Reading →

Exclusive Podcast 019 – One Man Orchestra

Hi folks! Morten Granau & Thomas Westerby, our favourite Danish duo is back like never with an outstanding podcast mixing exclusively for Felfelosophy (the 19th already!). These guys have compiled some serious techno tracks that will keep you awake for all the weekend. Let’s start to listening to it and also know a bit more about this two childhoold friends that both grew up in the music universe since their earliest age.

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Eliot’s List – Hip Hop’s Kool Tracks #9

Happy Chilled Sunday and the Hip Hop’s Kool Tracks #9 is out! This playlist brings together upcoming lyricists and producers and a couple already established young artists. One whole hour of fresh hip hop to discover or rediscover these talents and enjoy of course. Have a good listen !!

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Exclusive Podcast 018 – Meki & Kolen

Hey Felfelosophers, Today we are glad to re-introduce you to Meki & Kolen, two young producers from Lille (FR), who just joined a freshly born label called Enlace Records and also recently signed an EP called Metropolis Continue Reading →