Release – « V.A. – Sujet Musique Summer Sampler »

Sujet Musique is DJ Linus´ new label! Expect Deep and Tech House Music from around the globe and especially from the Munich posse! Here is the last release « V.A. – Sujet Musique Summer Sampler » in listening just below. This pure Deep House compilation will bring you in a unique open air atmosphere with some inclusive tracks by Hott Lipps Inc., DJ Linus, Bara Bröst and Stefan Lange. Groovy and Fizzy!

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Exclusive Podcast 015 – Cookie Monster (Four Seasons For Nujabes)

Good day to all, today we are going to enjoy the 15th exclusive podcast made by our good friend Cookie Monster Galaxy. This Jazzy and soulful podcast has a special significance as it tributes Japanese Hip Hop legend Nujabes. We hope that you will love it !! Enjoy and feel free to share around of course !!

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Exclusive Podcast 014 – r.roo

Hey we’re a little late for the podcast of the week, but actually this one is perfect for a Monday. Effectively today we are pleased to introduce you to r.roo (also known as Sound Wave Pressure), an Ukrainian producer who has released a serious amount of work on labels such as Tympanik Audio and Abstrakt Reflections. For those who do not know Tympanik, we do invite you to check their universe deeply rooted in IDM and glitch.

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Eliot’s List: Hip Hop’s Kool Tracks #8

Good afternoon to all, Hip Hop’s Kool Tracks #8 is out today. As usual this selection is filled with new artists to discover and others to rediscover. Enjoy your day while listening to it !!

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Felfel’s List – Tanz & Tief

Do you know rums are like a language you can learn to follow? And yet even when you learn it, at their best, most brilliant, drums blur, they move in patterns beyond your brain’s ability to think or follow? – Burial

Exclusive Podcast 013 – Hik & Nunk

Welcome to our friends Hik&Nunk, a French duo currently based in London. They have been growing up collecting all kind of music, from Rock to Jazz, not to forget Techno and Deep-House, and later on found a particular interest in minimalistic House music. They believe the space between notes is crucial and that Beauty reveals itself in detail. They released a few collaborations and remixes so far on Spartacus Labs and Bluelephant Records.

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Interview – J’Von

Good evening everyone, today we have for you an exclusive interview with one of the most talented and fresh cats out there, J’Von. He is not your every day artist combining atypical emceeing skills with other forms of artistry. This interview is a perfect way to familiarise yourself with this brilliant talent. Keep your eyes and ears open as he will be releasing many dope projects in the future. Enjoy the read while cruising to his music !!

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Release – Parra For Cuva LTR001

LTR001 is the first chapter of many LENIENT TALES that are to come! Melodic and dreamy at times and then again disrupted by several noisy layers and a driving bass: This EP by Parra For Cuva & Egokind & Jona Mayr captures the utopia of three Berlin based artists, who define contemporary electronic music by mirroring urban club culture and twisting it a little.  Continue Reading →

Interview – Awon

Return To The Golden Era” was the result of an explosive collaboration from emcee Awon and producer Phoniks. Today, we are talking to Awon to find out more about his journey to “Return To The Golden Era” and what is next on the list. 34-year-old Awon, born Antwan Wiggins, was bred into the Hip Hop culture; the emcee originates from Brooklyn, New York but was in fact raised in Newport News, Virginia. Continue Reading →

David Marston – JAMAICALIA

Up next on Soul Clap Records, the label that brought you the funk and all that stomping to move your trunk, we’re smoothing it out with something truly deep. Presenting the break out debut of talented young David Marston. His roots reach back to his city of birth, Chicago, then spread to the island of Jamaica, where he grew up fascinated with the new world of sound around him. Continue Reading →

Exclusive Podcast 012 : Philipp Stoya

Despite his notably low-key persona, Philipp Stoya isn’t someone who keeps quiet when it comes to making music. We are used to know Philipp Stoya marrying elements of the dark sound pallet with modern tech sensibilities for this excellent offering on Compost Label but today it’s in a completely different and diverse mood that he transports us.

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Review – Maricopa

Following his stunning Back To The Balearics debut late last year Belfast conjurer returns with a follow up EP to his inaugural « Pastel Love ». Each cut shimmers and sparkles with synth majesty and glistening grooves as the Tust associate explores the true roots of sun-kissed Balearic bliss. « Rise » struts on an insistent synth riff while a web of sub-melodies twinkle in the background, Truly beautiful. Continue Reading →