Bon Voyage Organisation – Disque Pointu

Bon Voyage Organisation is an ever-shifting constellation of musicians led by Paris-based producer and bass player Adrien Durand. Durand was first spotted in 2009 by Jamal Moss, boss of renowned Chicago label Mathematics Recordings, which released Durand s solo effort (Impersonnel Naviguant) under the moniker Les Aéroplanes. Continue Reading →

Kornél Kovács – Radio Koko

Swedish producer Kornél Kovács, best known for running Studio Barnhus alongside Petter Nordkvist and Axel Boman, brings here some of his quirky dancefloor fillers to Numbers with his latest EP « Radio Koko ». Continue Reading →

♪ Abeat’list ♪ – Electronic Ballet #5

We open this fifth ball with the « attitude ». During this beautiful postision, the dancer stands on one supportive leg while the other leg is raised and turned out at an angle of 90°.

The « Attitude » was originally created to display the emotional zone of the leg surrounded by all the classical notes that are crying in the Continue Reading →

Kleintierschaukel – Blue Elephant

Nights are coming and going and faces appear and vanish, great plans are made and rarely held up to. While that is the mode that keeps the machine running, from time to time something greater can evolve out this fast paced spare time profession. That is to say, it is a great pleasure to smooth the way for our dear friend « Kleintierschaukel » and his « Blue Elephant ». Continue Reading →

Felfelview – Nothoya

We met up with Parisian group Nothoya just after the release of their first EP « Origami Space ». We asked them questions to understand a little more who they are, what they aspire to and what this first project means to them.
We hope you will enjoy it. Continue Reading →

Cargo – IANEE

Some fresh news from our friends CARGO, formal french duo created in Bordeaux (2011) and now based in the craziness of London. Fabien Guiraud (former member of Chateau Marmont) and Marc Klof (The Uglytown) respective members of the band have just dropped their third EP to start this summer on the right foot. With IANEE, Cargo is still following the creative guidelines of Continue Reading →

Exclusive Podcast 037 – Chrischou

Summer is slowly showing his face and allows us again to move our little bodies during some epic outdoor, endless sessions. Our 37th podcast didn’t wait the sun to come but will definitely help to raise it up. A few months ago, I decided to dip my ears (again!) in the great Laut & Luise podcast series and finally came across to Chrischou, a unique character that I discovered an amazing live he recorded for this great label. Continue Reading →

Jose Padilla – So Many Colours

It would have been easy for Jose to have made a chill-out album, but instead he has worked together with four forward-thinking producers to create a modern album, moving across the genres held together by the umbrella we call “balearic”. Continue Reading →

Exclusive Podcast 036 – Shadow Movement

For this week end, we welcome the brazilian duo called Shadow Movement. Discovered through their release on Gui Boratto’s D.O.C. label, an EP called I.D., they answered to a few questions and made a podcast containing their last work.

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Marc Poppcke – 35

Marc Poppcke released ’35′ on Cross Frontier Audio. For Marc, this album is more than just a selection of club tracks, but a true labour of passion and love; a deeply personal project that pays tribute to all the events that have lead him to this very moment.  Continue Reading →

Portrait – Monolink

Singer-songwriter and Electronic music producer. To many that might sound like two very different aspects of modern sound culture – which in turn makes Monolink a fascinating character, because he’s both rolled into one. Continue Reading →

Polychrome Sounds Records: Orchestre du Montplaisant

Hi people! We’ve been following for a while the never-ending sound journey of our Berlin-based friends from Polychrome Sounds Records. They’re still sailing and exploring. And they are stopping with us again just the time of a new gem discovery.

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Voyage Direct – First Mission

The musical make-up of our Voyage Direct first compilation reflects their wish to look to the future of Dutch dance music. The First Mission collection is split into two parts: a selection of 11 unreleased tracks and 11 label highlights to date, available as CD, digital download and a trio of 12” vinyl samplers.  Continue Reading →