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Posted on mai 10, 2013 by Abitbol

A little trip in Germany with our friends Spune, a Berlin based collective band composed by two childhood friends: Louis & Viktor both aged 15 years (truth !). While some students started their perfect dumpling paper in class, others go to school and also work on their future productions by composing a pure minimal techno to their teacher. I’ll let you discover their musical universe with our usual best tracks selection picked up for you below, including their last production « Leaves » released this week.

The young duo transport us easily with simple and clear melodies, that you’ll find up in their last song « Taria ». We also like « Gewitter » an enchanting ballad which let us dream and impatient to see their new productions see the light of the day.

These two young teens and their matured music have tickled your curiosity? We also are preocuped with and that’s why we have asked them few questions to identify their influences, their universe and the origin of such a young talent! (Interview after French version)




Un petit tour outre-Rhin avec nos amis de Spune, collectif Berlinois composé de deux jeunes amis d’enfance : Louis & Viktor tous deux âgés de 15 ans (ceci n’est pas une erreur de frappe). Pendant que certains élèves perfectionnent leurs lancé de boulette en papier durant les cours, d’autres s’occupent à envoyer une techno minimale d’une pureté incroyable pour le plus grand bonheur de la maîtresse. Je vous laisse vous faire l’oreille grâce à notre petite sélection habituelle ci-dessous des meilleures tracks piochées pour vous avec en prime leur toute dernière production « Leaves » tout fraîchement sortie cette semaine.

Musique atypique, amenée parfaitement par le jeune duo qui nous transporte avec une facilité déconcertante, par des mélodies simples et limpides, retrouvées, par exemple dans le morceau « Taria ». On aime aussi « Gewitter », une ballade enchantée et optimiste qui nous laissera rêveurs et surtout impatients de voir leurs nouvelles prod voir le jour.

Ces deux jeunes ados et cette musique si mature titillent votre curiosité ? Nous aussi et c’est pour cela que nous leur avons posé quelques questions, dans le but ultime de de cerner leurs influences, leurs univers et l’origine d’un talent si précoce. (Interview ci-dessous)




When did you meet each other?
We go to the same school so our first meeting was there of course. And by the time we found out about eachothers interest for electronic music. We soon had the idea of making some music together.

Your first meeting with Electronic music or with other style of music on which you began.
Louis: My mother had the gorrilaz album “plastic beach” on her iPod. It really fascinated me how something else in this case the electronic music could sound. After that In Berlin a lot of people were hearing Paul Kalkbrenners Berlin Calling in 2010/11. After watching the film I was just amazed from the music. By the time you got over Daft Punk to Deamau5, and a lot of other big musicians who have been doing great electronic music.
Viktor: 3 years ago my cousin given me some Music from Paul Kalkbrenner, Modeselektor and Oliver Koletzki, but i didn´t like it but half an year later i listened to Warschauer Straße by Koletzki, and i felt a little bit in loved with it. Later i buyed me Records from Marek Hemmann and Louis gaved me some Albums of Deadmau5.

When and how did you begin to make and compose music ? What do you like by the way to compose your own tracks ? Did you compose together or sometimes alone ?
Viktor: After discovering electronic music, i started to try something on my own with programms like Garageband. In summer 2011 we had our first „musical meeting“ but we never finished a track. Our First Track was Sunrise, which we uploaded in febuary 2012.
Louis: I started doing music on the computer with garage band too, when I was about 11. It was really simple because you just had to put all different kinds of loops next to each other and it would somehow sound quite ok. But when the electronic music got more important to me I bought Ableton and started producing. That was about in summer 2011. Of course it took some time to get the basic knowledge of the program and the first little “tracks” were really inaudible. But by the time you get more and more feeling for the music you make and how you make it. We meet at least once a week to do some music. Sometimes one of us does something at home and shows it to the other the next day and so you connect your ideas.

What are your main influences ? (artists, labels, other kind of music or generation)
Viktor: At the Moment Ricardo Villalobos and the sound of Berghain are a big inspiration for me.Our music we uploaded so far isn´t just the same we produce now. We try to get closer to the music we play in our sets. It comes closer.
Louis: We let us inspire by a lot of music. Even though our productions so far don’t get near to that kind of music we get more and more in to. It has to be danceable and fascinating. We experiment a lot with sound and other ways to get a track more interesting. One of the biggest productions for me right now ist the BTX2 from Len Faki.

Did you signed to any label?
We are not signed yet. But we got something coming up!!

What about live act scene? How do you feel about that?
We already had a few gigs but they were rather little. Because we set our whole attention to the productions first and didn’t give so much attention to the djing which is now becoming really important too.







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