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Posted on août 30, 2013 by Abitbol

I recently heard one of the best mix of this month called « …Un Piano Lente » and before reading the rest of the article please start listening the set just below. It’s slow, pure, deep and melancholic with a touch of Love. The artist in question is Ben, Uncomon cool and crazy Dj and we have asked him some questions to understand where his talent come from. I seriously advise you to keep an ear on all the podcasts he did which are available on his soundcloud page.

Hi Ben, Bonjour Ben! Thanks a lot for accepting this interview. First of all I’ll let you introduce yourself to our loving Felfelosophers
Hi guys, first of all some facts about me. My name is Ben I’m 23 Years old and I’m living in the most beautiful city in this world-Rostock

For our French readers, you can not continue this interview without explain your name
Well I invented this name several years ago in a social network. At this moment I weren’t thinking about the meaning of this name and I didn’t expect to become a dj and getting asked about this name.

Bonjour Ben … Un Piano Lente!

I musically met you for the first time by listening your mix «…Un Piano Lente» which is a unique combination of powerful instrumental tracks in a deep and slow rhythm. But when we look to your Soundcloud page it seems that you have not done this for a long time! How did you meet for the first time the Electronic Music and the Art of Mixing?
For my whole life I was interested in music. During my childhood I was playing different instruments. I discovered electronic music round about 5 years ago, through some of my friends. At this time I moved to rostock for an education after my school. With this new environment I received new influences and one of these was electronic music.
Last November I uploaded my first own set on Soundcloud and was really surprised about the posititve feedback of my listeners. This first little success motivated me to continue working on my skills and forced me to get deeper into this kind of music.

Have you always enjoyed the Electronic Music or did you come from another “world”?
My second home is reggae. That’s the music I’m listening for nearly my whole life.

What are your musical inspirations and what things can boost, increase your creation?
There is no special inspiration. I’m just listening 24 hours a day to music. I think this is enough inspiration but the most intensive discussions arise, when we met with our whole Meerblick-Label. There are different types of characters with different conceptions and styles of electronic music. These meetings are really important for me and my development.

Your own style could be put in the big Deep House / NU Disco spiral but there is another special ingredient. What could it be?

Today, you’re running through many Podcasts & Mix for different Magazines, Blogs but also for your own pleasure. You have more and more support from people but also from many artists. How do you perceive this situation for the future?
For me it’s simply amazing to get support. For me it’s not really important if there is an artist that listens to my sets or just a “normal” listener. On the other hand it’s really a joy for me to get in contact with several artists and talk with them about music and receive their feedback. Someone like me, who just started to play music, needs advices from some “professional” artists to avoid a musical stagnation.

You are the proof that DJing is today an independent form of art but have you ever thought about producing your own music?
First of all I concentrate on the Djing. I know that there are a lot of things to improve for me and this is my focus at this moment. It’s pretty hard to say whether I will produce my own music once a day. Of course it’s the aim of nearly every artist to create own things and maybe present them to a crowd, but until this point it’s a very long way for me.

Some little questions to conclude

If you’ll be an instrument what would you like to be and why?
Bass-Guitar. Because I played it for some years and music without bass is like the tour de france without doping ☺

Best Gig EVER?
Meerblick Season Closing at Stadtpalast Rostock this June!

Any Addiction(s)?
Keta,Cocaine,Meth,Speed,MDMA and on Saturdays maybe Orange Juice.

Worst situation you faced during a live?
A couple of months ago I played in Rostock and just before I started my gig the smoke machine got a defect and couldn’t be turned off. After 30 minutes of blowing smoke into the club the whole crowd was fleeing out of the club and I was standing nearly alone there.

5 top tracks of the moment to have in our Ipod?
Usually my Playlists changes every day but some of my all-time favourites are:
1. Nu- Man-O-To
2. George Fitzgerald – Child
3. Maceo Plex – Vibe your Love
4. Trikohmat- Evaporate
5. Goldwill – Nachtzug

A place you dream to play (even if this place doesn’t exist):
B2B with David Guetta at Tomorrowland

Any plans projects for the coming months?
Building a house, getting married, become a father of a son and maybe planting a tree. ☺ Honestly, I hope to get the chance to play more gigs in different cities and countries and of course I just want to take the chance to stay in contact with so many people which help me to learn more about music and Djiing.






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