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Série Limitée – SL009

Posted on 8 mars 2017 by Abitbol

Drum roll, people! SL009 is on its way. The recipe has not changed: limited quantity, hand numbered / stamped records and superior music. We take you on a unique house journey to explore the texture of sound and the color of feelings, from raw to deep all the way down to acid, carried on our VA format spaceship. Onboard, four artists, Yusuke and Jimini part of “Serie Limitée” crew and two new comers Panthera Krause and mOnster Heart Driver who are joining the family.

A1: Panthera Krause – Colt
We launch the ship with our first new comer from Leipzig (Germany), though the chance is high his name will ring a bell and probably few notes. Panthera’s track “Colt” opens up the VA and leads the way to a melancholic house soundscape sprinkled with a rain of acid bits. His sounds flows fluidly between the uplifting chords and the meandering arpeggiators that populate Panthera’s universe, a housy world of MPC-ruled beats where a fresh breeze of dirt gently caresses your open ear.

A2: mOnster Heart Driver – Don’t forget
This French based producer (Lyon) has been drawing his inspirations for years in the Detroit music scene. Like he did on Plak Records, he revisits soul music and spices it up with some raw techno or house music, cooking it his way: keep it simple, make it soulful. He closes the A side with “Don’t forget”, his very own ode to all the many influences afro beats and rhythms have had on the music of the twentieth century. Deep and melodic, this track reminds us not to forget that many a great piece of music comes from black music, a music that has been moving people through century and that is moving us today, both result and remedy to the chaos of different eras.

B1: Jimini – On a Cloud
Jimini is, this time again, part of our sound expedition. Lucky you, lucky us! Very early in life, Jimini fell in a cauldron of funk, disco and dub. At the age of 12, his peers taught him the craft of producing house music. Mix this up with a passion for vinyls inherited from his father, and more than 20 years spent collecting and mixing LPs produced by his main influencers such as Frankie Knuckles from Chicago or Carl Craig from Detroit, and you get the wonderful thing we call the Jimini magic… Happy result of this formula, “On a Cloud” kick starts our B-side with a subtle combination of powerful house and unique melody.

B2: Yusuke Yamamoto – The End
What better way to end this journey than with “The End” itself. After releasing few times with us, Kyoto-based DJ/producer throws us this real underground raw and deep house track. His particular flair for dance music and authentic sound made him internationally acclaimed in the underground dance music scene. With more than 15 years spent creating his universe, Yusuke plays all around the world, when he is not busy producing great tunes, running his label “Canary Recordings”… or ending up our sonic odyssey.